Hello, I am Roselin!

For the last decade and a half, I have been working on strategic design and program management of high impact projects with leading foundations, non-profits and businesses.

Working in the impact sector especially in a developing nation is hard. Problem statements are wicked yet interconnected. Solutions are available yet disaggregated. Collaborations are preferred yet complex to implement. As a strategist, my work involves solving wicked impact problems by breaking them down, working with diverse stakeholders, and connecting the dots. Yes, I love it all and cannot imagine doing anything else.

I consider myself fortunate that my work has helped me engage with a bunch of absolutely fantastic and inspiring peers and leaders. I am amazed at the things I learnt from them just by working together. So, I started writing, creating courses and running workshops as an effort to give back to the community (you can DM me on Linkedin to explore). My intent is to share my own learnings, mistakes, ideas and observations on leadership and all-things-impact for emerging next generation leaders.

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